Friday, December 7, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Life is Full

I really miss scrapbooking, my schedule had been hindering me to make one these days. Maybe I just lack inspiration, gladly I got the chance to make up one today with the colored bubble inspired scrapbook lay out. I saw this inspiring paragraph as well from a specific site and I love it because it's super true. Life is full of everyday moments and adventures, embrace them.

Embracing life's adventures is indeed important in our lives, though we have challenges or maybe success, we have to face them with all courage and faith to the One above.

So hopefully, this will as well inspire you and give you the courage to face everyday's challenges. This is as well a free and will serve as my first Christmas gift to all you.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Clip Arts: Three Hearty Cupcakes

This morning a colleague was selling banana muffins in the office and I bought two,for me and for James. While eating it after lunch, for some reasons I got inspired to make cupcake or muffin clip arts. And so here they are! Freshly baked cupcakes I just made today out from the background image patterns I had published before.

It's kind of weird though because cupcakes has something in them which makes me really happy. Whenever I see one,  specially something which has cute design on them make me really buy them and the crazy thing about it is that I don't want to eat them, if I could, I would just store them in the refrigerator. 

Too much of the talking here. These three cupcakes with heart on top are for free and all you have to do to download them is to like my page in Facebook and follow me on Twitter.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: The Kissing Cockatoo

When we were in Manila zoo last September, we came upon a small stall where friendly birds were staying. They call their part Angry Birds inspired from the famous angry bird game however, those birds were not angry though, instead they are the friendliest birds I met so far. And what so cute  about them was that they kiss!

Look at our faces in the pictures! We are definitely happy by the time the white Cockatoo kissed each of us. My mom wouldn't stop laughing too! And so I thought of making a scrapbook photo for us then with our kissing Cockatoo.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Jesil + Bambie

Their special day was unforgettable, the function hall became a mystic place not just for the couple but also for every one who witnessed their wedding day. I, personally loved their theme, Country Side inspired by where Jesil come from, in Bukidnon. He grew as a country boy and left it for Luzon for his calling. They call their wedding a Blessing - they never thought they could get this type of wedding with so little budget in hand. Bambi told me the mason glasses were not bought but were just giveaways from their family friends and relatives. She herself spent days and months of cleaning them, brushing with steel brush so it would look brand new. I never thought those were simply mayo bottles! How resourceful they were!

The Love story - He likes her, she ignores him. He courted her, she left for Thailand. He left for Visayas, she started liking him. He pursued her, she started praying. He proposed and she said YES!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: We Fly Together

Extremely Excited - that was my emotions when we were on our way towards the Cebu Pacific Airplane bound to Manila last September 7, 2012. This will be James' and mine's first air travel. I definitely had completed the three ways of transportation, land, water and air! What's so nice about it was that I was with the ones I love, my family and James too!

Though we were not seated next to each other, it never stopped us to take our photos together. I am glad that we had to walk down to the plane because we had the chance to take a photo with the plane at our back.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Wacky Aiesha

The last scrapbook page I had posted was like two months ago, Cupcake = Happiness. I know it was because of the Polka dot series I made last August which had extended until this month of September and that's why I am so excited to share some of what I had made recently.

And to start of, I have here the wacky photos of my niece, Aiesha so I named it Wacky Aiesha. She is a big girl now and is very talkative. Time swifts so fast that those dresses and shoes I gave her as a gift are now too small to her. She has learned many many funny things too. She can converse with me and anybody else now and she is just very bubbly. I have no dull moments when I am with her. 
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O9

It's more than a week since my Manila Trip, I was thinking my scheduled posts were up to this week and was just surprised when I got to check this blog. It saddened me to see my previous post to be the eighth of the month. Anyways, I have to move on and keep up so I am now starting with this polka circle, this is by the way the last pack of my Polka circle series. I am just happy that I got to share all of them in nine series for the months of August and September!

So nonetheless, I present to you the final set! Hope you had enjoyed the whole series and keep updated with the future series which I will be sharing in the near future!

You guys really rock my artistic world! Thanks for encouraging me to make more and more scraps and digital scrap booking kits! You have a good one!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O8

Second to the last! This is my second to the last and final set of Polka dot circle. I am excited and happy to be able to share this love to colorful stuff, scrapbook background images and I am hopeful you guys are able to make use of this things I had made for sharing. I truly believe that sharing is loving and this is the main proof that I truly believe what I am saying here

In this set, as usual it still has the four high resolution background images, Polka dots themed from Maroon to Purple colored polkas.

Hope you enjoy and download this set now!
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O7

I am now in Manila as you are reading this new entry, I had this pre-scheduled post so I won't be way too behind with this Polka Dot circle series. I promised that this would cover the month of August only but it looked like I am now way way beyond my promised time so I am making efforts in scheduling these posts for you guys.

What I like about this set is that they are of shades green and normally, I don't use green in Polkas because I don't see green as that fitting for polka designs but I was definitely wrong as soon as I found it nice to look at this set.

I had learned a lot of colors that are good at the polka design because of this series and I will be seeing and using them in the future!
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O6

Almost done with my Polka Dot Circle Series and now I am excited on what would be my next series would be, I love to make some scrapbook lay out ideas too but I will be busy next week since the whole family is going to Manila for four days for my cousin's wedding. I haven't been to Manila, the country's capital city and never ever dreamed of going there. Gladly, if not because of this event I would never be able to get to the said city. But we will be staying in Laguna, they say it is a bit far yet I am quiet excited about it because we will be visiting a couple of tourists spots there like the Ocean Park, the Intramuros and Luneta Park and some more others. And oh! We are going to Enchanted Kingdom too and that's what I am most excited about.

So, I guess I will be idle for those days and next more days so as early as today, I am already saving and scheduling my posts for the Polka Circle series so to keep you updated as well until the series ends.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O5

It's September and here in the Philippines, it means it's the start of the Christmas season! Yes, if you're reading from the other end of the globe, you might have heard that our country is the only country which celebrates Christmas this long. And September is just a soft launch as others say.

I can hear carols now even at this day and I am hearing the radios playing Christmas songs too! The best thing about this season is the presents!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things To Know About Tramadol

For any sort of pain, we would definitely look for a cure for it. Everyone can feel pain and there are thousands of different types of pain which has been known to the world of medicine and yet each of us has been looking for the best one which can immediately take it all away. An instant remedy - that's what we all need. 

But never worry any more because there is one great solution to the problem and that is Tramadol! It has been proven to be an effective reliever to any sort of pain that one is engaging. Whenever there's pain, take Tramadol!

Before purchasing or even drinking this capsule, make sure that you are aware of the dos and don'ts for this specific med. Let's look on these certain cases.

First, Tramadol is a narcotic-pain reliever and because of some abusive cases, this medicine can't be bought over the counter, one may need to get a prescription from a legal doctor to be able to have one at hand. 

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O4

Please don't think that I have already abandoned this site. I am thinking of posting each day but lately, I was very busy with my life and work that when I gets home, all I want to do is actually sleep. I missed scrap-booking as ever and I am looking forward to be making my next scrapbook lay out soon.

Man, I just wish I could actually split myself in two so I can do work and fun together at the same time. But as much as I would like to, I have no option but to do things one at a time. Thank God I got the time to post one today even if it is already late, I got awaken by some text messages though! Anyway, I am posting my polka dot Circle series four!
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O3

Third of my Polka Dot Circle are the colors: Light yellow over dark yellow, Black over dirty white, Light blue over Gray and pink over gray.


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Polkd Dot Circle O2

The lovely month of August was filled with a bit sadness because of the news coming out about our country experiencing some tragedies because of the effect of the southwest monsoon.

Though this has been happening, I would still like to share a great love to each of my readers with my Polka Dot circle. I wasn't able to share it last week because of some immediate out of town plans with the barkada (circle of friends).
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O1

It's August and that means, Polka Dot Circle will begin today! Yehey!

It's pretty obvious that I am very excited about it that I had created this as an advance post, I just scheduled it to be posted on the first of August. I know most of you are also excited about it and because of that, I am making sure that this will be published on the exact day that I wanted it to be. 

Hope you guys will love this. The first post is composed of four high resolution Polka Dot background images. These are colors, black-flesh, black-gray, black-pink and bluegreen-blue. I made those names myself and they are very explanatory, the first color is the background and the second one after the dashes is the polka dots colors.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The August Polka Dot Circle

It's almost August, oh how fast time goes and July is on its way out. I am excited since August is a special month for me because James and I will be celebrating our fourth anniversary as partners. Aside from that, August is also my mom's birth month and so because of this, I had come up of a circle which will go through the whole month and so, I call it August Polka dot circle. You all know that I love polka dots and what ever polka design, I will surely die for it.

I hope all of you will love it the same way as how I love them too! Every week, I will be posting either two or three packs of high definition polka dot back ground images and all of them will be given for free. It's all up to you, this is a gift I want to share to everyone.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too! I would greatly appreciate it if you will follow my blog too! I have a lot of freebies to everyone that your drives will surely get full because of it.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: Cupcake = Happiness

Whenever I eat a cupcake I can't help it but I become happy! I also noticed it when I eat anything sweet, I guess there's something in sugar that lifts up our spirits, take away our mood swings and definitely give us a little energy to give out our smile. I wonder if you feel the same way too?

And because of that, I had made a new photo template or a scrapbook lay out about cupcake. I don't own the phase:

"You can't buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes and that's kind of the same thing."

I got it from Tumblr where all the pretty photos and Polaroid pictures are living. This phrase hit me and I certainly agree to it. I can't tell why, words are not enough to explain it though, it is pretty easier to show it with a smile.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scrapbook Lay Out Idea: Our New Baby Mia

Not just a month ago, James and I purchased our new baby, a Honda XRM Road Sport which we named "Mia". She is a red, slimmed bodied motorcycle and we love her. Today, I made a new scrapbook page for Mia and I included both our head gears or helmets too!  I had a previous one which James eventually lost himself but it's OK actually since I was able to get a new one, this time, a white one.

So these photographs were taken when the team went to the hills of Busay last three weeks ago.

I used Century Gothic and Dancing Script as my fonts on this scrapbook page. And the background is an image I created myself. You can download it through my free background images posts.
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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Summer's all done here in our country, we are now on our rainy season and that going out of town or travelling is really not a good idea, staying at home is always recommended. There has been a couple of storms passed by and good thing we haven't experience floods yet. 

On times like this, I love to just simply sit on my couch and make my scrapbook stuff, the digital one. Not that I don't like the old style but I would rather stay clean these days. I still have my traditional scrapbooks with me, last one I created was during college years and I still have it kept in a safe place. I don't want to leave this thing because this is what makes me remember and treasure college.

Now, since it's raining outside and I want to share something today yet I don't have any scrapbook templates left in my drive, I will just share what's left on my background images. So today, be Pink and download these four high resolution Pink-themed background pngs.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BG: Zigzag

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: I Can Drive Now

Oh how I missed making digital scrapbooks and I am glad I was able to make one today. There had been a lot of happenings this summer and I was very busy that I never had time to go in front of my computer and work on certain scrap pages. Though I have a lot of photos stored in my drive, I had a hard time taking sometime to spend on scrap making. Plus I was hooked up with this series Pretty Little Liars that it had eaten up all my hours each day. I had just finished watching the entire first and second seasons and I am at the first episode on the third season, since they are all done, I could now start making scrapbook pages for those gigs and events I had last summer.

This will be the first, so last May James and I went to one of Cebu's Land Transportation offices and got our own driver's license. Though it took us a couple of hours to finish and finally get our cards, it was all worth it. We bought our own ride too! It is a Honda XRM Road Sport, we are excited to claim it. The company needs to first take care of it's registration papers so we have to wait for a couple of weeks.

If you want to know the story on how the process was, visit my post in my personal blog on how I got my driver's license.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

BG: Vintage Paseley

Can't imagine that it has been already a month since my last post! I really miss scrapbooking and I am just so sad that I had become very busy this month. First with this moving game then this motorcycle thing and the job problem. Well it's not really a problem but I had been thinking of applying to another company.

Anyways, it is nice to be back and just to give myself a "hello", I would like to share these four background images, kinda vintage and sophisticated paseley designs, hope you like it!
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: A Mother's Day Special

Let me start this post by asking you, How do you call your mother? Do you call her mom, mama, nanay, mommy? I call my mother mama, this is how we normally call our mothers in our place and this means more than just a name. When I say mama, it is more of a beautiful soul given from above to take care of me, to look out for me since I was inside her womb and someone who will always be there for me, to support me and to remind me that there is God who had set everything right.

My mama may not be perfect just like all other mothers in the world but I know for sure that somehow at one time, she had made one perfect moment that you will forever cherish at least. I had lots actually, I will never forget that each time I am not feeling well, she's there. Even when I am away from home and would inform her that I am not good, she'll never stop calling until she's confident that I am all okay.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BG: Summer Vintage

May greetings!

It's the last summer month for this year and we will soon bid goodbye to the summer heat but before we do that, I want to share this background image pack I personally called summer vintage because the images are vintage yet it is still perfect for your summer photos.

As I told you before, I love surfing the net and I am a sucker for free stuff. So, I found these beautiful flower images and they were given for free for personal use, I would never let something like this pass so I grabbed it without even thinking then later on found myself making patterns from it and the result, is the images that you will be downloading later on.

So, I am excited to use these background images for my summer photos too! How is your summer going on guys? How's your complexion? Teehee...
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Mothers' Day Tribute

My own tribute to my mom, Rebecca Butihen Beltran, my friend, mentor, supporter and my number one fan. I love you mama, you had shown to us the great worth of a mother and has given us His word instilled in our hearts and minds. Thank you for bringing us up and giving us the best of what you can give. 

No one can replace you nor even be like you for you were the only one who had been there since the day I and my siblings started breathing. The first who had carried me when I am too weak to walk, the only one who spent sleepless nights to change my wet clothes, to give up her last piece of bread so we could eat and you had taught me what life is.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Scrapbook Lay-out Idea: Summer Splashing

Another summer get away for this year but this time we spent it in the neighboring city, Minglanilla City! Yes, this is my second dose of summer and we spent it in a pool. We had a bit of splashing because the slide was just short, we felt like splashing more but we don't have a choice but to enjoy what's there.

Though the slide was just short, we still had a great time because of how unique the experience was. Imagine a kiddie slide with adults on it. The children were simply watching us get ourselves dosed with happiness each time we take a slide and dip in the waters.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

BG: Feeling Gray

What do you do when you are feeling blue or gray? I know that on those times, you maybe down or something might be bothering or bugging inside your mind but feeling that is your choice though, our emotions depend on us and those causing us to feel that has no right to ruin your day or your emotion so what I suggest is to just ignore them. Pull yourself and do anything which can uplift your soul, inspire you and get you up on your feet and dance.

I made these background images when I was feeling blue at one time. I surely made it a point to turn my mood and become happy because of these stuff.

So if you are feeling blue or gray today, download these background images today and start making your own digital scrapbook today or anything which can make you happy.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: Just Sitting Next To You

Life sometimes would give you uneasiness and emptiness, makes you laugh and cry, makes you giggle and stumble, makes you feel beautiful and yet ugly. But life is much better if you have someone you can rely on when certain things happen. When you feel like rambling or if you have good news you want to share, most specially if you encounter problems and need a hand, it is more beautiful if there's someone you can lay your head on that someone's shoulders.

Someone who could tell you their own secrets too, someone who makes certain crazy stuff to make you laugh, do things together like jogging in the morning dew, eating in McDonalds with just a single regular fries dipped in a cold sweet sundae, travelling to new places with hands gripped to each other or maybe simply sitting just next to each other, mouth zipped and eyes talking to each other. Ahh! Life is beautiful.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: Fish Pets

Do you have a pet? If yes, what pets do you have at home? Are you a dog lover, cat lover or even fish lover? I started with one fish I named Azule, such name because he is blue. He is actually a fighting fish and I had placed him in a bowl. James told me no fish should be placed in a bowl but never mind, he is just a tiny fish and he don't need some big aquariums. He can't be with somebody else inside the bowl too because if we do, he will gonna attack anybody else regardless if its a girl or boy fish. That's the reason why he is known to be called Fighting fish.

But Azule is not in the photo above, those are our new fish pets. They don't have names anymore because they are increasing, they are all cichlids and that naming them will just make me confuse. So I made a scrapbook page for them because I enjoy watching them swim here and there. Specially when they eat because they become very active and very aggressive.

By the way, Cichlids are known to be the most intelligent fishes. I had noticed that when it is time for them to eat, they seem to watch me from the glasses. They stare at me like they're gonna eat me and then once I pour the floating fish food, they begin to swim with all their might to get some of the stuff that I had spilled over.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

BG: Assorted Background Image Pack

Hey scrapbook buddies out there! We are back to our bg for background mania! I have eight background assorted images from my old external drive ready to be given away! Yes you had read it right, you can get these pack without any monetary fee. All in just a single click on your cute mouse.

So if you can see on the top photo, you have here some wheat leaves bg, polka dots design of course and cupcakes too! Hope this can help you with your scrapbook pages. These are also the images that I use for my scrap pages if you happen to check them so I am quiet sure this will really help you out. Just be resourceful and make use of anything that you  have on your documents.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: All About "us"

It's labeled as it is coz the lay out shows nothing but only ourselves. The photographs were all taken at Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines during our team building event. 

If you are like us, download this template and place your photo too! This will be a great memorabilia you will surely love to look at after a couple of years, or maybe when you become old and can't do outings anymore or can't take these kinds of photos anymore.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: Life is a Beach

Hey it's su mmer, what are your summer plans and get aways?

Well for my case, I had already opened my 2012 summer a week ago when our time went to Bantayan Island. This island is pretty famous with it's long white sand beaches and clear blue sea waters. Aside from that, they also have a known delicacy named buwad, it's a dried fish actually but mind you, those buwads are really tasty and yummy.

So since I had already opened my summer for this year, I created a new scrapbook page as an entry for the month. I just hope I could create more in the next days.

It's summer time! We visited Virgin Island in Bantayan, Cebu last March 25, 2012. It is an island northeast of Bantayan. It has a really clear and cool blue waters, there are a lot of fish species swimming freely in the vicinity. For more information about Virgin Island, you can visit my blog here
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

BG: Polka Dot Madness

As you all know, I have this addiction to Polka dots, I can't help being in love with it and when times like this happens, times when I can't think of any other things to post, I go back to my first love which are, of course the polka dots.

So, today I want to share this pack I personally labeled as Polka Dots Madness because this pack contains 14 polka background images. These are 300 dpi background images so you can make use of it in any way, it is perfect for digital scrap booking, I use my polka dot images mostly on my scrap book lay outs and I must say they are the best! You can also print them and use for your traditional scrapbooks. Or you can also use it for tarpaulins! 
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scrapbook Lay-out Idea: Hungry Baby

We were in Island City Mall for shopping when my niece, Aiesha asked for something to eat. We then realized that we were all up for eating when she dragged us at Dunkin Donuts. We have our bunwhiches ordered but Baby Aiesha was very hungry that before our orders were served, she took a bar of biscuits and started to eat it, what's surprising was she didn't ask anyone to open it for her because she was all there eating it up with the plastic still sealed on!

It was a funny moment that I took a photo of it. I really enjoyed her wacky moments.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

BG: Grid For All

Hi everyone! 

How is your week? Thank God it's Friday and thank God I have a new set of background images to give away! I am giving a grid patterned image pack and this is all for free! If you have been to my blog, you should know that I am in love with anything colorful, cute and chic. I love polka dots and I am starting to love Gingham patterns as well as grids too!

I have posted two grid designs before and I guess I have published my first Gingham made pattern too! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

BG: Random BG

Here are six random background images I have stored in my external drive for quite a long time already, finally decided to share it today since I can't think of any other better one to publish on.

March is almost over and this weekend, we are going to the beach in Bantayan Island Cebu. This will be my first time to visit that area and I am super excited about it that I can't think of anything which could relate Bantayan and any scrap stuff.

I might create one after the get away. Maybe a scrapbook lay out might do! How about some clip arts? I might be making some as well if I could get to see sea creatures at the beach since we will go for island hopping too!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: You and Me on March Randomness

How's the start of your week guys?

I was a bit sad when it rained during the weekends, it was a bummer and no jog was done so to brighten my mood again, I went up and created a scrap page. It has indeed brought light up and I am okay again! 

So, anyone here who had done anything creative during the weekend? If you had been to a new place or maybe learned something, can you share?

Today, I want to share what I made last Sunday, it's all for free and all you need to do is to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too!
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Friday, March 16, 2012

BG: Big Trio Polkas

Tried tiny polka dots and other spacious ones too yet, I realized I haven't created anything that are big ones like this one that I will be publishing  and will be giving away all for free today. I guess this is so far the biggest polka dots I had ever created and I am very excited to share them all to you guys.

I just wish you will love them! There are three polka dot background designs on this set, Gray, Pilka and Peach. If you want to download them, just go ahead and do the pre requisites, which are to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter too!!!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BG: My Polka Dots, My Love

I has been doing a lot of stuffs which are not related to any polka dots yet, my love for those cute stuff kept on pulling me back on creating those. 

Today, I had just made one which I can't help but share to all of you guys. I bet you will love it with your scrapbook pages. This will surely fit with perhaps your baby girl's portrait photos or even on your kiddo's birthday party scrap page! 

I just like to also state that this will not be the end of my polka dot love. I will be making more in the coming future of course!
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Monday, March 12, 2012

BG: Gingham Pattern

I had been experimenting new things these past few weeks. One of them is making patterns on Photoshop instead of manually doing it. What I will be sharing is the first of the few that I created with the use of patterns. I soon realized that I have so much to learn about the program. So I am back to researching.

This type of pattern is called Gingham. According to Wikipedia:

Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn.

The name originates from an adjective in the Malay language, genggang, meaning striped. Some sources say that the name came into English via Dutch. When originally imported into Europe in the 17th century it was a striped fabric, though now it is distinguished by its checkered pattern. From the mid 18th century, when it was being produced in the mills of Manchester, England, it started to be woven into checked or plaid patterns (often blue and white). Checked gingham became more common over time, though striped gingham was still available in the late Victorian period.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scrapbook Lay-Out Idea: Postcard Style

I recently created a postcard inspired scrapbook lay out, this was after we visited Tagbilaran City in Bohol last week. We came into this romantic place in the city, they call it K of C. I can compare it to Dumaguete's Rizal Avenue minus the luxury space. At it's right side is Tagbilaran Port and the other side is the bridge towards Panglao Island.

This is what is written on the scrapbook:

James & Jean

at the K of C, Tagbilaran
the lovers' lane of the city of friendship
enjoying the beautiful scenery
the city lights give a bit od romance
and the cool breeze makes me want to hug you more,my love.
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Friday, March 9, 2012

BG: Cupcake Background Pack

Today, I somehow missed making cupcake clip arts. To ease the feeling, I started browsing through my old sets and out of the blue, decided to create a background image with those tiny cupcakes on them. I first started with one color, I soon realized it would be great if I give out four colors of those.

Soon, I will make more of these and surely give them for free here.

For now, I hope you like this pack. I name it Cupcake Background Image Pack. There's actually something new about these set aside from the fact that this is my first cupcake background images. Guess what? I am sharing images with 300 dpi from now on.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BG: Flakey

Hi guys! How you doin' today? 

If you would ask me, I am feeling great! There was a seat sale on one of the airlines here and I booked eleven domestic plane tickets for my cousin's wedding on September! 

I am feeling happy that I want to give out these background images which had been seating on my local hard drive. Well, these are part of my December sets but had forgotten to share them so today, I want to share it all to you.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Camera No Shy Baby

I miss my niece, I just went home a couple of days ago for my brothers' despidida party. Whenever I go home all I do there is to play with my witty niece. She has been very bubbly these days, she sings and dances whenever she hears lively tunes and music. She had memorized the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song, she can't pronounce the words well yet but she hums it with the almost right words.

She is really really amazing, she talks to us like she is one big girl already. She also consider other children as babies, whenever we would ask her if she want to take a ride on some riding games, she would say no, it's all for the babies then we will laugh our heart out.

And of course, she never says no with the camera. If we would say smile, she would never fail us. She knows how to do a wacky pose as well. So this scrapbook lay out is out for free.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrapbook Layout: Love and Holding on

There's something about being committed in a relationship, it makes a person happy, secured and loved. There are certain things which though they are simple, yet they become the best things in life. Love has no exact definition, it has to be felt, it has to be decided upon.

Every person who gets to find a partner is blessed, so everyone must treasure them, cherish what's in the relationship and make the One above the center of that commitment.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrapbook Layout: Happy Birthday James!

I created a new scrapbook page today and this is dedicated to James, he had celebrated his 24th birthday last February 18, 2012. I bought him a cake and we went to his hometown, Oslob to celebrate it there with his family. 

The dedication texts on this scrapbook page goes like this:
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scrapbook Layout: And Soon The Darkness

Last weekend, James celebrated his 24th birthday. I am not yet sharing his birthday celebration scrapbook page but I am sharing our sea night adventure.

So last Sunday, we went to the sea side to take a deep however the sea was sort of raging so we tried to wait for the waves to somehow calm. However, it was almost dark but the waves were still raging so we ended up taking a tour at the sea instead.

It was a bit scary because of the waves which were becoming bigger. The pump boat which carried us was strong and courageous. It sometimes would shake but we manage to get back to the share in one piece.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birthday Invitation Template: Aiesha's 1st Bday v.1

I did tell you that I made two invitation letter designs for Aiesha's first birthday party right? Today, I will be giving away the first design I made which ended up getting saved on my hard drive only. I never had the chance to publish this before. Right after I posted the 2nd birthday invitation, I then thought of giving away those templates I made before which were just sitting on my external drive.

I had already shared the final 1st birthday invitation letter design yesterday and the 2nd birthday invitation letter design. I did inform you that the file inside the zip file is a PSD so you need to open it on a Photoshop program. Once opened, you just have to change the words inside the template. We don't have Aiesha's picture on this template though the final one and the 2nd birthday invitation has.
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