Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: A Mother's Day Special

Let me start this post by asking you, How do you call your mother? Do you call her mom, mama, nanay, mommy? I call my mother mama, this is how we normally call our mothers in our place and this means more than just a name. When I say mama, it is more of a beautiful soul given from above to take care of me, to look out for me since I was inside her womb and someone who will always be there for me, to support me and to remind me that there is God who had set everything right.

My mama may not be perfect just like all other mothers in the world but I know for sure that somehow at one time, she had made one perfect moment that you will forever cherish at least. I had lots actually, I will never forget that each time I am not feeling well, she's there. Even when I am away from home and would inform her that I am not good, she'll never stop calling until she's confident that I am all okay.

During heartbreak times, she was there. Yes we are open to those kind of stuff, she always advises me about things partners should do, she even shares their love story too! I love her more than anyone in the world.

Mama's my bestfriend!

Happy mothers' day to all mamas in the world!

Download this template and present it as a gift to your mom! If you love your mom, hit the like button!

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