Friday, July 26, 2013

BG: Chevron Part 2

Yay, I got some more time to post a new background image for this day aside from the photo template and I am loving it because my Friday has been a bit productive. Even though there are some negative part of my day, I am glad that making these gave me sunshine in my dark day. I have some heart issues today though, I mean some kind of love life issues, maybe this is because of the long distance relationship that I have that I am feeling this way but hopefully, I could get over this soon.

Anyways, I made these background images long before but I forgot to post them that time. So, here are four of the chevron background images in my disk and you are free to download them to your own personal computers as well.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrapbook Layout Idea: My Baby Love

Hello everyone! Here's a new entry for July, I seldom post because of work but I was able to make one today because of my little niece's pictures. I had these photos published in my Facebook account before she turned two last February of this year.

Now that I am far from the family, I am missing this little kid. I could not take photographs of her anymore. She started going to school now and I learned from my parents that she has been doing good in school. She's in a private kindergarten school and there are only five of them in the morning class and she has been excelling for the past few weeks of school. I am so proud of my niece.
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Love Peace Music

I made this template more than two months ago when I was still in the Philippines and I don't have any work anymore, I got the chance of making a couple of templates for me and James as well as for my niece and family. When I arrived in Dubai and started looking for job until I landed on a job, I was never been able to post anything anymore in this blog site which made me really miss blogging. I am thankful to Ramadan because I have spare time after work since we are just gonna work for only six hours plus a mandatory two hour overtime so I am just working eight hours per day.

So since it is also my rest day today and I don't have any other things to do, I got the chance to post something for my scrap-booking website, this just made my day! 

The photos in the template were taken way before I resigned from my job in Cebu. James and I together with some friends went to have some karaoke session and our good friend, Carlo took these portraits of us together. I thought these photos are worth to be added on a scrapbook template and I was never wrong indeed.

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