Friday, July 12, 2013

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Love Peace Music

I made this template more than two months ago when I was still in the Philippines and I don't have any work anymore, I got the chance of making a couple of templates for me and James as well as for my niece and family. When I arrived in Dubai and started looking for job until I landed on a job, I was never been able to post anything anymore in this blog site which made me really miss blogging. I am thankful to Ramadan because I have spare time after work since we are just gonna work for only six hours plus a mandatory two hour overtime so I am just working eight hours per day.

So since it is also my rest day today and I don't have any other things to do, I got the chance to post something for my scrap-booking website, this just made my day! 

The photos in the template were taken way before I resigned from my job in Cebu. James and I together with some friends went to have some karaoke session and our good friend, Carlo took these portraits of us together. I thought these photos are worth to be added on a scrapbook template and I was never wrong indeed.

This template would suit if you have some pictures with your friends or your partners while singing on a karaoke bar or any other place just as long as the photos would show that you are having some singing sessions.

Anyway, just today, I realized that the psd file was converted to a music file accidentally because I named the psd file it immediately changed its file type to music instead of psd. Gladly, James advised me to rename it to psd back and I was able to open it back on Photoshop!

Hope you have a great time updating this template to your own photos! Have fun!

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