Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cupcake Mania Continues

 The cup cake mania continues today and in the next days to come. I have four cupcakes that I am gonna share to you today. I had created this days ago inspired by the pink cherry top with those first two on the photo.

Aside from the cherry top, I also like the cups here. I had intentionally colored it that way to attract attention. Cupcakes will be very delicious to see if they are also presented on a beautiful cup, right?

So that is it, as usual, this has been possible with Adobe Photoshop's help. Brushes, fill and pen tool are the main ingredients. Lol.

More cupcakes to come...

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tags and Design Inside It...

I am always a fan of scrapbook tags, they are useful in many ways. Like using them in a book to remind you of the last page you have read, on scrapbooks, you can put a name on it or a label, you can also just place it on a page for design and etc.

I was scanning through my scrapbook folder last night and I opened up this one with nine tags with different shades and design and I thought to share it with you guys. I do hope you are into tags as well. So here is the set, hope you like it!

Basically, the designs inside the tags are mostly brushes which I have downloaded for free. The last tag here is not made of brushes but I customized it myself using the pen tool. It was kinda easy actually. I will be creating more tags in the future.

If you want to grab a copy of this set, just click the button!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Second Scrap Set : hearts and flowers are the best!!!

My first scrap set was published way way back I guess three months before and that it was published not on this blog but instead on my primary one with the one. Check it out here!

This second scrap set was actually created a few months before and it was created just after I was finished doing with the first set unfortunately, I was unable to publish it right away for some reasons. I also had added other things up here. Before, it only started to be with those hearts and circle tags but then as time pass by, I decided to also add some background papers or those that are use for backgrounds. I also added up some tags while still leaving the hearts and flowers theme here.

This is a sample scrap page that I have created for this specific scrap set. You too can create your own. Happy scrapbooking!

Hearts and flowers are the best combination, plus pink! Hehehe...

Grab it here.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stripped Cups

I named it that way because of how the cups were made, which I love most about this cupcakes. I would start creating those cupcakes with the cups first. 

I made the chocolate cupcake first and the other just follow through. Hope you like it.

Grab 'em here!
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Comments are highly appreciated!


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Neon-colored Scrapbook Tags

For today, I would like to share to you this cool tags that I have created today.

I was inspired by this little flower brushes so I decided to create something that is appealing and eye catcher. I then selected neon colors since they are attractive and glowing.

Aside from the flowers, I was also encouraged to pen tool and play with it, the scrap1 tag has been created using pen tool and fill tool still sticking with the color theme.

Use them on your scrapbooks and hope you like them. I love them actually, I really like the way the colors were combined.

Happy downloading!
Click the tag cloud to download the zip file.

Comments are highly appreciated.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camera Film Template

Hello guys, my last post of a free template seems like history so I decided to create a simple yet attractive one today. I called this "Camera Film" because there's a camera and a film on the template. I like the combination of the template and its cute since you can also paste some photos on the film. 

On the psd file, you can just hide the folder named "picutes" and then paste your own photos in there. You make sure to select the best photo on your drive and make sure to put on the first layer, so to hide the unneccessary sides of the photos through the film.

Hope you like it. If you want, you can also add some texts in there, a caption maybe as to what the picture is all about.

Have a wonderful day!

Download the psd file here!

Comments are highly appreciated.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cakes for Free

Just sharin' guys...

I know this is not something that you are interested on but try double check the clip arts I just made today. I posted it to my primary blog at On this collection are cupcakes and cakes which were inspired by the single strawberry I made first at start.

If you want to download the whole cake collection, just click here or visit my primary blog.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

My Top 10 fave fonts

In relation to my last post about fonts "I *heart* Free Fonts", I like to share my top 10 favorite fonts, I consider them my favorites because they are those that I use mostly when I am documenting something or when I make templates, they are the fonts that I add in there. 

Starting with “James Fajardo”, not because the name is the same as my boyfriend’s but because I found it simple and it works in all themes. It is like black that works in all designs, well that’s my opinion. Take a look at my “Star String Photo Template”, it was that same font.

Here is “Champignon Alt Swash”, as what my research says, Champignon is a French word for Mushroom and Swash is a typographical flourish on a glyph, like an exaggerated serif. So the font is a Mushroom Serif, that’s what my instinct is telling me. I love the curls on the end of the letters like J and I love how it compliments each letter. I used this font for my main blog at I think it suits my name perfectly, whatcha think? Hehehe :)

In the name of cursive fonts, aside from “Champignon Alt Swash”, this is the top of my list: “Scriptina”, I love how it was created and the curves are extended real long. It suits for girly templates and artistic pictures. 

Another cursive font that I like a lot is “Eight Fifteen”, because in times when I like to have the font cursive and simple, meaning I want to have it with short curves, this fits perfectly. This is also good for signatures and for article titles for your reports.

After the cursive ones, here comes the typical basic font, they are those that are printed. I like this one here called “Bulky Refuse Type” because this reminds me of the typewriter. I could still remember how I can’t type correctly using it, I often get pissed off because of the error I get and I need to use a white out to erase those mistyped words, but that was long long time ago and that’s the reason why I am thankful computers were created. This suits mystical or suspense photos and templates. 

I love stars and I was just so surprised by this font when I found it. I immediately downloaded it and used it with my “About me” photo. Its name is “Starry Night”, obviously because of the stars on it. It is really fitting to those templates or photos for babies or kids. 

Next in line is “Catholic School Girls”, I am not sure why it is called that way but let’s just leave it that way then. I like this kind of font because it is like a penmanship. The strokes remind me of my high school days when I usually experiment my handwriting.

This one is nice, I like the way how the letters were created in up cases. I like its boldness and this is perfect enough for those who need the prints to be emphasized. “Tan patty” is the name of this font, try it with now!

The above font is really cool because it has been created with lines, all but lines. When I was in college, this is how I write the letters on my notes when I am bored and nothing to do. Haha, this make me miss college. But anyway, this is real cool guys and its name is “Octember Script”.

Tonight's the Night” is best if you are playing with your work. I love this because it is simple yet unique, I am used to printing and scribbling on my notes and I also write letters like this. This consumes and drains the ink of my pen but who cares; the only important thing is how it looks beautiful and stunning.

*Note: Click on the Font's name to download.

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I *heart* Free Fonts

I love fonts, i love to work with fonts, i love to download free fonts.

Are you also into fonts? Well, I am madly in love with fonts, in almost all of my works or creations, I place fonts on it. I usually use handwriting fonts, it's like i wrote them myself, the only difference is that it is digitally made. When I go online and search for free fonts, I can't help but click on the download buttons, what could be more lovelier than those that are for free? So my baby, i am referring to my laptop here, is already full of external fonts, I call them external because they were not the default ones.

The only problem that I get when I use those customized fonts is when I publish those writings or compositions outside and unfortunately, other pc's don't have those fonts installed to theirs. So, in that case, I still need to install it myself. Anyways, installing a font is definitely easily as a piece of cake. Let me help you if you don't know how.

Here, download a font first, say you like to have "James Fajardo" on your pc, I have downloaded mine here. If you want to have it, then just click on the link

Click on the free download button and then save it on either your documents or on your desktop, or anywhere you like to save it as long as you can remember where it was located.

After downloading it, just go to the specific folder which contains the file. Say, for my case, I saved it on my downloads folder under my documents. So I opened it up and copied the file, ctrl + C or highlight the file, go to edit, then click on copy. Once done, go to control panel, then go to Fonts folder, just to remind you, I am using windows xp for this. Here is a screen shot:

You open that folder and paste the said font on it. You can do the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+V) or you go to edit and hit paste. And you are done!

Just close the control panel folder and try to open up your word document to test if the font was successfully installed on your pc. This works perfectly in my computer so hopefully it works the same as yours.

The font that I have introduced here is the font that I have used on the template named "Star Strings". Try it on your own today and grab those free fonts all over the web. Next stop I will share to you my all time favorite fonts. This counts James Fajardo as one. 'Til next post! Happy downloading!!!

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