Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Anniversary Photo Frame Template

So I was thinking of posting another template here and since James and I just celebrated our second anniversary last August 24, 2010, I have thought of posting here the photo frame that I have created when we celebrated our first anniversary. All I could think of are memories, time flies so fast, it seemed just yesterday but here it is:

As you can see, I used the shades of pink and violet here since James' shirt color was violet and it has almost dominated the whole picture. Actually, the first thing that I will be thinking before I create a frame is the color of the photos that I will be put in there so make sure to also check and finalize those photos that you love to publish. Well, not neccessarily but you can try to play with the colors and balance it. Okay, so in here, I also used some photos that I have long long time ago like the boy and the girl that are about to kiss, since this photo frame is all about love and anniversary, then I thought of adding it as a spice as well as the tree of hearts, I included it to add more color, it has shades of pink and violet so it was a very good addition to the frame.

In the template however, there are other frame colors with their corresponding tree shades and the others as well from the hidden folders, so you can try to hide the violet one and make the other color visible so you can select your preference.

Same as with the first template, Star String in this blog (have a template published in my site before, you can still change the text, it is your prerogative if you like to add a text on it or you can just hide it. You can do all you want to do, or if you want you can change everything, lol.

Anyway, one thing that I had forgotten to remind you with the other template, is saving the file, I would suggest you save it by pressing alt+ctrl+shift+s and change quality to high if that is not on high. You can select either jpeg or png, which ever you want. Or if that is not comfortable for you, you can simple go to file and hit save as and select JPEG(*.JPG;*.JPEG;*JPE) for the format and hit save. Alright, so happy to be sharing those to you guys.

Thanks and I would love to see your photos using this template, so if you can, I would surly appreciate it and create a new page here for your works. Just send the JPEG or PNG file to

If you haave comments and suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a message below.

Until the next template guys and download this one here!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Star String Photo Template

Hello there!

Today, I want to share to you a photo frame template. I had created this just yesterday, August 24, 2010 when I saw my picture together with my niece, Baby Aiesha. This template here applies to those pictures that you have with shades that are available on the stars that are hanging on the template. Like for our photo, the dominant color is green, so I decided to color the base as green.

On the template, I have many hidden base colors, for you to play with it, you can hide the green base and make the other colors visible. Here are some other photos where the template was applied.

You can change the text to something that you like there, maybe you can enter your name or the name of the person on the photo. Or if it is a photo of a place, you can put there a description of it. It is your choice.

I named this template as "Star Strings" mainly because in the first place, the design has strings and the dominant shape is star. Most of my creations are made through Adobe Photoshop CS4, I am not familiar with other editing software so just expect that most of them are edited using photoshop. If you don't have photoshop installed on your computer, then that will be a problem. You need to borrow or buy an installer or if you are broke and your friends don't have one as well, you can download for cracked ones, just Google it. Lol, sorry Adobe.

Anyway, hope you like it. You can grab the psd file here! For my other templates, please visit my free templates page.

Comments and suggestions are  highly appreciated.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

My sticker Set 2

Hi guys and welcome to my new blog! 

For my new blog, I was thinking about a nice set to start with, I looked at my collection of scraps on my D disk and decided to post my second sticker set. The first sticker set was already published in my blog, try and check it out too. Click here. This time, I still have tags and flowers but it is a kinda different compared to the first one. Included in this set are buttons also and some "cloud tags", I self named them actually, hehehe. I have noticed that "cloud tags" are really famous now a days so I created my own version. You might like it as well so download the set now!

This is a sample scrapbook page that I created using this set. 

The background is kinda dark because of the light pictures, you can play with the tags. I have limited the tags to a few things like Lovely day, Birthday, Love and Friendship. If you want me to create other tags with words that you like, you can send me an email here, or you can go to my contact me page.

I woulea and then we will be sharing each others' opinions regarding this lovely hobby. I wid also love to see your creations so please send me those scrapbook pages that you have made using my sets. I will make sure to post them here and soon I will create a new page with all of those submitted pages. I think that is a great idll be looking forward to be receiving those emails from you. 

You can send your scrap book pages to

Have a wonderful day scrap bookers!!!!

Click here to download the zip file.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


*** Scrap booking for Keeps ***

I had finally decided to create another blog for scrap booking. I made this decision one day when I had jumped into this website which tells about how Google adsense would provide exact ads to a website. I am new to blogging so I was just posting all that I can share of in my blog, not thinking of how that would affect things. Well then, hope you guys will still be checking my other blog while still enjoying my ideas about scrap booking either digital or the old-manual way, most specially my free scrapbook kits and everything about scrapbook.

I am thinking to move the old kits from my blog here but I am still hesitant. I will still be sharing the links of my updates in my original blog.

Comments are always welcome.

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