Monday, August 23, 2010

My sticker Set 2

Hi guys and welcome to my new blog! 

For my new blog, I was thinking about a nice set to start with, I looked at my collection of scraps on my D disk and decided to post my second sticker set. The first sticker set was already published in my blog, try and check it out too. Click here. This time, I still have tags and flowers but it is a kinda different compared to the first one. Included in this set are buttons also and some "cloud tags", I self named them actually, hehehe. I have noticed that "cloud tags" are really famous now a days so I created my own version. You might like it as well so download the set now!

This is a sample scrapbook page that I created using this set. 

The background is kinda dark because of the light pictures, you can play with the tags. I have limited the tags to a few things like Lovely day, Birthday, Love and Friendship. If you want me to create other tags with words that you like, you can send me an email here, or you can go to my contact me page.

I woulea and then we will be sharing each others' opinions regarding this lovely hobby. I wid also love to see your creations so please send me those scrapbook pages that you have made using my sets. I will make sure to post them here and soon I will create a new page with all of those submitted pages. I think that is a great idll be looking forward to be receiving those emails from you. 

You can send your scrap book pages to

Have a wonderful day scrap bookers!!!!

Click here to download the zip file.

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