Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Star String Photo Template

Hello there!

Today, I want to share to you a photo frame template. I had created this just yesterday, August 24, 2010 when I saw my picture together with my niece, Baby Aiesha. This template here applies to those pictures that you have with shades that are available on the stars that are hanging on the template. Like for our photo, the dominant color is green, so I decided to color the base as green.

On the template, I have many hidden base colors, for you to play with it, you can hide the green base and make the other colors visible. Here are some other photos where the template was applied.

You can change the text to something that you like there, maybe you can enter your name or the name of the person on the photo. Or if it is a photo of a place, you can put there a description of it. It is your choice.

I named this template as "Star Strings" mainly because in the first place, the design has strings and the dominant shape is star. Most of my creations are made through Adobe Photoshop CS4, I am not familiar with other editing software so just expect that most of them are edited using photoshop. If you don't have photoshop installed on your computer, then that will be a problem. You need to borrow or buy an installer or if you are broke and your friends don't have one as well, you can download for cracked ones, just Google it. Lol, sorry Adobe.

Anyway, hope you like it. You can grab the psd file here! For my other templates, please visit my free templates page.

Comments and suggestions are  highly appreciated.

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