Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BG: Summer Vintage

May greetings!

It's the last summer month for this year and we will soon bid goodbye to the summer heat but before we do that, I want to share this background image pack I personally called summer vintage because the images are vintage yet it is still perfect for your summer photos.

As I told you before, I love surfing the net and I am a sucker for free stuff. So, I found these beautiful flower images and they were given for free for personal use, I would never let something like this pass so I grabbed it without even thinking then later on found myself making patterns from it and the result, is the images that you will be downloading later on.

So, I am excited to use these background images for my summer photos too! How is your summer going on guys? How's your complexion? Teehee...
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Take Care everyone!

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