Monday, April 30, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Mothers' Day Tribute

My own tribute to my mom, Rebecca Butihen Beltran, my friend, mentor, supporter and my number one fan. I love you mama, you had shown to us the great worth of a mother and has given us His word instilled in our hearts and minds. Thank you for bringing us up and giving us the best of what you can give. 

No one can replace you nor even be like you for you were the only one who had been there since the day I and my siblings started breathing. The first who had carried me when I am too weak to walk, the only one who spent sleepless nights to change my wet clothes, to give up her last piece of bread so we could eat and you had taught me what life is.

Words are not enough to describe how good you are and how beautiful your soul is. Nothing can compare the love that you had given to us. I thank you for the years of joy, sorrow, laughter and even the bad times, thank you for being there always.


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