Monday, April 23, 2012

Scrapbook Lay-out Idea: Summer Splashing

Another summer get away for this year but this time we spent it in the neighboring city, Minglanilla City! Yes, this is my second dose of summer and we spent it in a pool. We had a bit of splashing because the slide was just short, we felt like splashing more but we don't have a choice but to enjoy what's there.

Though the slide was just short, we still had a great time because of how unique the experience was. Imagine a kiddie slide with adults on it. The children were simply watching us get ourselves dosed with happiness each time we take a slide and dip in the waters.

So how about you? I believe that if you are in the Philippines right now, you already had a splash in any of the thousand resorts here in the country. Share it and it will be a lot better if you share it with this template.


PS: the font used here is Child's Play.

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