Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scrapbook Lay out Idea: Just Sitting Next To You

Life sometimes would give you uneasiness and emptiness, makes you laugh and cry, makes you giggle and stumble, makes you feel beautiful and yet ugly. But life is much better if you have someone you can rely on when certain things happen. When you feel like rambling or if you have good news you want to share, most specially if you encounter problems and need a hand, it is more beautiful if there's someone you can lay your head on that someone's shoulders.

Someone who could tell you their own secrets too, someone who makes certain crazy stuff to make you laugh, do things together like jogging in the morning dew, eating in McDonalds with just a single regular fries dipped in a cold sweet sundae, travelling to new places with hands gripped to each other or maybe simply sitting just next to each other, mouth zipped and eyes talking to each other. Ahh! Life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful when you have someone to love.

Be loved everyone!

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