Sunday, December 11, 2011

BG: Vintage Pink Polka

I have been in love with Polka Dots that almost every design or scrapbook idea I post has a taste and influenced by it. Let's say the latest scrapbook design I posted here was the Love Photo Stamp.

If you try to look at it, the background image used there was the Polka dots with a color that is somehow reminds me of a vintage pink stuff and that is how the title of this post emerged. Anyway, this Vintage Pink Polka image is up for grabs and it's free!

Check my other Polka background image series as well. Here's the list:
It's almost Christmas and then in a week after Christmas, it will be New Year! Polka dots is a famous theme because it symbolizes money! Aha! Common and grab some money!

Enjoy! Click the button now!

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