Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BG: White Polka Big And Small On Pink Canvass

I don't know what to post today, I just checked anything available on my drive and found this two images. Because I am a Polka Dot lover and I can't resist their cuteness, I gladly wrapped the two of them for you guys. I know right? Those polkas look like snow drops it makes me feel Christmas here.

Well it's almost Christmas, in fact it is only 11 days before the Christmas day. Hopefully you would enjoy that special day with your family and loved ones. As for me, I will be joyfully merrymaking with my family in Bohol. Don't forget to remember why and what was the main reason for Christmas. Hope everyone would really celebrate Christmas for its sole reason.

Anyway, going back to the freebie for today, the zip file is available if you hit the like button below. Go and click it now and check the download button on the bottom.

Click download and enjoy!


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  1. i'm very glad that it's for free! ur artwork is very awsome! keepup the good work!

  2. hi nancy! thanks for visiting! enjoy! I am glad you like it... i checked your blog by the way, what country are you from? Your blog looks interesting...