Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Clipart: My Modern Christmas Tree

It's four days before Christmas! Is everyone ready for gift giving and the Noche Buena as well on Christmas eve? Good for me because I am all done with the presents for my loved ones. I have also prepared everything that I need since I am going home to Bohol in the 23rd. I am just glad I could celebrate Christmas with the family! 

Anyway, since Christmas is fast approaching, I believe everyone had already set up their own Christmas trees as well. I don't have a Christmas tree in my apartment but my mom had set up one at home. I haven't seen it yet but I will be soon. So since I don't have a physical Christmas tree here in Cebu, I had created my own digital Christmas tree to fit the holiday season. 

Hooray! You can grab this for free! You just need to like our Facebook page and download it from there!

You can use this for your Christmas cards! I had entered an online contest via Facebook with this design by the way, the winner is yet to announce and I am excited about it. Hopefully I could get the prize too!

Anyway, enjoy my Christmas gift guys!

Grab this image by clicking on the download button below!

 Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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