Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clipart: Vector Heart Birds

Hello everyone! I am glad I have something to post today. Due to the Holiday seasons, I was not able to update this one. I went home for vacation and I was kinda sad because of the rain, I was not able to hear the chirping of the birds. I am already used to hearing them sing in the morning and I could see them fly their way to the ricefields.

And because of that, I decided to make new bird clip arts for today. This is for the birds who were unable to sing and fly because of the bad weather. I had posted some bird clip arts before too. Check them out here.

I call them Heart Birds because of the hearts I used as their tails. Those hearts added beauty and cuteness of course.

These are all for free, the zip file has five color assorted heart birds you will surely love.

Go ahead, like us on Facebook and you will be able to download the file afterwards.

Advance Happy New Year and enjoy your cutie birds!

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