Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cliparts: Vector Birds

Birds are irresistibly cute and adorable, most specially if you had witnessed them sing on early mornings. Whenever I go home in Bohol, I can hear birds singing in the morning, I feel lucky and happy because some people haven't heard them sing or even chirp. Though I can only see them from a distance, their cute little voices had brighten my day.

Indeed living in the province gives us the most wonderful things in life such as that one. When I am in the city for work, all I hear are the sound of the machines, the whistles of the buses and all other noisy things. I am glad that once in a while I could get to experience nature's great gift.

And so today, I would love to share to you this four cute and colorful birds I made using Adobe Photoshop. You can use this anyway you want. Grab it now! 

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Enjoy!!! Click download now to grab the set!

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