Monday, October 25, 2010

BG: Flesh Polka Dots

It isn't New Year yet and I have no idea why this idea came up to my mind, I just knew that I am creating a background image with white polka dots on it. Actually, this design has a lot of variations and I will be posting the rest of the other color variations here in the following days. As of now, let us just focus on this one first. 

So, going back what I like about this image is that the polka dots were properly placed. First thing that I was doing this morning was that I was just brushing on the layer and then the polka line came up. I duplicated the polka layer and then placed or arranged it in a way that it looks like windowing the every other polka lines until the final image. Actually, I had lowered the brightness of the polka lines because it was hurting my eyes.

Already! So if you want to grab the image, just click on it and save it into your drives.

Having problems downloading the file? Comment out or send me a message at my contact page or at jean[dot]bbeltran[at]gmail[dot]com.

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