Friday, October 1, 2010

Stationery Sheets: Certified Handmade

Way back in grade school and in my secondary years, I was addictive to stationeries and those cute scented papers packed with envelops. I have like a box full of my stationery collections. I would always ask my brother who is taking his college here in Cebu to buy me four to five packs of stationeries when he goes home to Bohol. I would usually use four sheets and leave the other two for my collection, there were stationeries which have glitters as well and different cut shapes. 

As mentioned above, those are mostly scented papers as well. I have a ton of them, literally, and even now, if I go to a bookstore, I am still attracted to those cute lovely stationeries.
Today, I just remembered how I loved them and was inspired to create one. This is just a sample one, more likely a test. I have made use of the cupcakes that I already had published here and put it as a side dish of the sheet. 

Hope you like it; I will be experimenting more soon… 

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