Friday, October 29, 2010

BG: Choco Polka Dots

The last piece but certainly not the least of my Polka Dots Collection. I have five of them and to count off, we have The Green Polka Dots The Yellow Polka Dots, The Pink Polka Dots, The Blue Polka Dots and this one, the Choco Polka Dots. What I love about this is the fact that this is chocolate like colored. I feel like eating chocolates now.

I just figured out that it is almost November and Halloween is just around the corner, so Happy Halloween guys! I am wondering what will be my costume in the coming Party on Sunday. I will need to go to the mall for that! Tell me your own costumes too!

Want to grab the image? Just click on it and save it into your drives.

Having problems downloading the file? Comment out or send me a message at my contact page or at jean[dot]bbeltran[at]gmail[dot]com.
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