Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Anniversary Photo Frame Template

So I was thinking of posting another template here and since James and I just celebrated our second anniversary last August 24, 2010, I have thought of posting here the photo frame that I have created when we celebrated our first anniversary. All I could think of are memories, time flies so fast, it seemed just yesterday but here it is:

As you can see, I used the shades of pink and violet here since James' shirt color was violet and it has almost dominated the whole picture. Actually, the first thing that I will be thinking before I create a frame is the color of the photos that I will be put in there so make sure to also check and finalize those photos that you love to publish. Well, not neccessarily but you can try to play with the colors and balance it. Okay, so in here, I also used some photos that I have long long time ago like the boy and the girl that are about to kiss, since this photo frame is all about love and anniversary, then I thought of adding it as a spice as well as the tree of hearts, I included it to add more color, it has shades of pink and violet so it was a very good addition to the frame.

In the template however, there are other frame colors with their corresponding tree shades and the others as well from the hidden folders, so you can try to hide the violet one and make the other color visible so you can select your preference.

Same as with the first template, Star String in this blog (have a template published in my site before, you can still change the text, it is your prerogative if you like to add a text on it or you can just hide it. You can do all you want to do, or if you want you can change everything, lol.

Anyway, one thing that I had forgotten to remind you with the other template, is saving the file, I would suggest you save it by pressing alt+ctrl+shift+s and change quality to high if that is not on high. You can select either jpeg or png, which ever you want. Or if that is not comfortable for you, you can simple go to file and hit save as and select JPEG(*.JPG;*.JPEG;*JPE) for the format and hit save. Alright, so happy to be sharing those to you guys.

Thanks and I would love to see your photos using this template, so if you can, I would surly appreciate it and create a new page here for your works. Just send the JPEG or PNG file to

If you haave comments and suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a message below.

Until the next template guys and download this one here!

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