Friday, September 3, 2010

I *heart* Free Fonts

I love fonts, i love to work with fonts, i love to download free fonts.

Are you also into fonts? Well, I am madly in love with fonts, in almost all of my works or creations, I place fonts on it. I usually use handwriting fonts, it's like i wrote them myself, the only difference is that it is digitally made. When I go online and search for free fonts, I can't help but click on the download buttons, what could be more lovelier than those that are for free? So my baby, i am referring to my laptop here, is already full of external fonts, I call them external because they were not the default ones.

The only problem that I get when I use those customized fonts is when I publish those writings or compositions outside and unfortunately, other pc's don't have those fonts installed to theirs. So, in that case, I still need to install it myself. Anyways, installing a font is definitely easily as a piece of cake. Let me help you if you don't know how.

Here, download a font first, say you like to have "James Fajardo" on your pc, I have downloaded mine here. If you want to have it, then just click on the link

Click on the free download button and then save it on either your documents or on your desktop, or anywhere you like to save it as long as you can remember where it was located.

After downloading it, just go to the specific folder which contains the file. Say, for my case, I saved it on my downloads folder under my documents. So I opened it up and copied the file, ctrl + C or highlight the file, go to edit, then click on copy. Once done, go to control panel, then go to Fonts folder, just to remind you, I am using windows xp for this. Here is a screen shot:

You open that folder and paste the said font on it. You can do the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+V) or you go to edit and hit paste. And you are done!

Just close the control panel folder and try to open up your word document to test if the font was successfully installed on your pc. This works perfectly in my computer so hopefully it works the same as yours.

The font that I have introduced here is the font that I have used on the template named "Star Strings". Try it on your own today and grab those free fonts all over the web. Next stop I will share to you my all time favorite fonts. This counts James Fajardo as one. 'Til next post! Happy downloading!!!

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