Friday, September 3, 2010

My Top 10 fave fonts

In relation to my last post about fonts "I *heart* Free Fonts", I like to share my top 10 favorite fonts, I consider them my favorites because they are those that I use mostly when I am documenting something or when I make templates, they are the fonts that I add in there. 

Starting with “James Fajardo”, not because the name is the same as my boyfriend’s but because I found it simple and it works in all themes. It is like black that works in all designs, well that’s my opinion. Take a look at my “Star String Photo Template”, it was that same font.

Here is “Champignon Alt Swash”, as what my research says, Champignon is a French word for Mushroom and Swash is a typographical flourish on a glyph, like an exaggerated serif. So the font is a Mushroom Serif, that’s what my instinct is telling me. I love the curls on the end of the letters like J and I love how it compliments each letter. I used this font for my main blog at I think it suits my name perfectly, whatcha think? Hehehe :)

In the name of cursive fonts, aside from “Champignon Alt Swash”, this is the top of my list: “Scriptina”, I love how it was created and the curves are extended real long. It suits for girly templates and artistic pictures. 

Another cursive font that I like a lot is “Eight Fifteen”, because in times when I like to have the font cursive and simple, meaning I want to have it with short curves, this fits perfectly. This is also good for signatures and for article titles for your reports.

After the cursive ones, here comes the typical basic font, they are those that are printed. I like this one here called “Bulky Refuse Type” because this reminds me of the typewriter. I could still remember how I can’t type correctly using it, I often get pissed off because of the error I get and I need to use a white out to erase those mistyped words, but that was long long time ago and that’s the reason why I am thankful computers were created. This suits mystical or suspense photos and templates. 

I love stars and I was just so surprised by this font when I found it. I immediately downloaded it and used it with my “About me” photo. Its name is “Starry Night”, obviously because of the stars on it. It is really fitting to those templates or photos for babies or kids. 

Next in line is “Catholic School Girls”, I am not sure why it is called that way but let’s just leave it that way then. I like this kind of font because it is like a penmanship. The strokes remind me of my high school days when I usually experiment my handwriting.

This one is nice, I like the way how the letters were created in up cases. I like its boldness and this is perfect enough for those who need the prints to be emphasized. “Tan patty” is the name of this font, try it with now!

The above font is really cool because it has been created with lines, all but lines. When I was in college, this is how I write the letters on my notes when I am bored and nothing to do. Haha, this make me miss college. But anyway, this is real cool guys and its name is “Octember Script”.

Tonight's the Night” is best if you are playing with your work. I love this because it is simple yet unique, I am used to printing and scribbling on my notes and I also write letters like this. This consumes and drains the ink of my pen but who cares; the only important thing is how it looks beautiful and stunning.

*Note: Click on the Font's name to download.

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