Monday, September 27, 2010

Second Scrap Set : hearts and flowers are the best!!!

My first scrap set was published way way back I guess three months before and that it was published not on this blog but instead on my primary one with the one. Check it out here!

This second scrap set was actually created a few months before and it was created just after I was finished doing with the first set unfortunately, I was unable to publish it right away for some reasons. I also had added other things up here. Before, it only started to be with those hearts and circle tags but then as time pass by, I decided to also add some background papers or those that are use for backgrounds. I also added up some tags while still leaving the hearts and flowers theme here.

This is a sample scrap page that I have created for this specific scrap set. You too can create your own. Happy scrapbooking!

Hearts and flowers are the best combination, plus pink! Hehehe...

Grab it here.

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