Friday, July 26, 2013

BG: Chevron Part 2

Yay, I got some more time to post a new background image for this day aside from the photo template and I am loving it because my Friday has been a bit productive. Even though there are some negative part of my day, I am glad that making these gave me sunshine in my dark day. I have some heart issues today though, I mean some kind of love life issues, maybe this is because of the long distance relationship that I have that I am feeling this way but hopefully, I could get over this soon.

Anyways, I made these background images long before but I forgot to post them that time. So, here are four of the chevron background images in my disk and you are free to download them to your own personal computers as well.

Have fun! You can use these on your scrapbook pages and even print them so you can make it as one of your school paper project designs and etc.

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