Sunday, July 29, 2012

The August Polka Dot Circle

It's almost August, oh how fast time goes and July is on its way out. I am excited since August is a special month for me because James and I will be celebrating our fourth anniversary as partners. Aside from that, August is also my mom's birth month and so because of this, I had come up of a circle which will go through the whole month and so, I call it August Polka dot circle. You all know that I love polka dots and what ever polka design, I will surely die for it.

I hope all of you will love it the same way as how I love them too! Every week, I will be posting either two or three packs of high definition polka dot back ground images and all of them will be given for free. It's all up to you, this is a gift I want to share to everyone.

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Enjoy the rest of your July days guys!!!

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