Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scrapbook Lay Out Idea: Our New Baby Mia

Not just a month ago, James and I purchased our new baby, a Honda XRM Road Sport which we named "Mia". She is a red, slimmed bodied motorcycle and we love her. Today, I made a new scrapbook page for Mia and I included both our head gears or helmets too!  I had a previous one which James eventually lost himself but it's OK actually since I was able to get a new one, this time, a white one.

So these photographs were taken when the team went to the hills of Busay last three weeks ago.

I used Century Gothic and Dancing Script as my fonts on this scrapbook page. And the background is an image I created myself. You can download it through my free background images posts.
Hope you like it guys, I haven't posted something for awhile, hope I can catch up sometime soon.

Download the hi-res file below, but first...

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