Saturday, June 30, 2012


Summer's all done here in our country, we are now on our rainy season and that going out of town or travelling is really not a good idea, staying at home is always recommended. There has been a couple of storms passed by and good thing we haven't experience floods yet. 

On times like this, I love to just simply sit on my couch and make my scrapbook stuff, the digital one. Not that I don't like the old style but I would rather stay clean these days. I still have my traditional scrapbooks with me, last one I created was during college years and I still have it kept in a safe place. I don't want to leave this thing because this is what makes me remember and treasure college.

Now, since it's raining outside and I want to share something today yet I don't have any scrapbook templates left in my drive, I will just share what's left on my background images. So today, be Pink and download these four high resolution Pink-themed background pngs.

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