Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scrapbook Lay-Out Idea: Postcard Style

I recently created a postcard inspired scrapbook lay out, this was after we visited Tagbilaran City in Bohol last week. We came into this romantic place in the city, they call it K of C. I can compare it to Dumaguete's Rizal Avenue minus the luxury space. At it's right side is Tagbilaran Port and the other side is the bridge towards Panglao Island.

This is what is written on the scrapbook:

James & Jean

at the K of C, Tagbilaran
the lovers' lane of the city of friendship
enjoying the beautiful scenery
the city lights give a bit od romance
and the cool breeze makes me want to hug you more,my love.

If you would like to have something like this, simply download it below. The file can be opened using Adobe Photoshop program, use your own photos and hide ours. Edit the texts, be reminded that if you don't have the same fonts used for this lay out, you will end up with a different font so make sure to install the font for this layout which is LainieDaySH. Just google it, it's a free font I downloaded a few days ago too!

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