Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrapbook Layout: Love and Holding on

There's something about being committed in a relationship, it makes a person happy, secured and loved. There are certain things which though they are simple, yet they become the best things in life. Love has no exact definition, it has to be felt, it has to be decided upon.

Every person who gets to find a partner is blessed, so everyone must treasure them, cherish what's in the relationship and make the One above the center of that commitment.

I want to share this scrapbook lay out today, I made it yesterday as a tribute to our commitment's birthday a couple of days ago. No, it's not really the birthday but it is a month counting birthday to our love.

...because LOVE is the reason why we are still holding on...
If you want to grab this scrapbook lay out idea template, don't worry, this is definitely for free, all you need to is to the things below. After doing so, click on the customized download button! Enjoy!

By the way, make sure to install the fonts used here if you want to retain the original set, you are free to change the fonts if you please. Fonts for this template are LainieDaySH and McGarey.

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