Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BG: Heart-full

It's almost Valentines day, have you already thought of a way to make your loved-ones happy? Have you prepared your bouquet of flowers, fluffy bear or chocolates perhaps? I bet the girls are also excited on what they will receive on that special day.

Since hearts day is knocking in the door, I want to share to everyone this background image I had created today. And since it's hearts day, hearts are perfect fit so I made a background image full of hearts. This will be a nice image background for your valentine scrapbook page. I already missed making digital scrapbook pages too. I had been busy these days with the preparations for my niece's birthday. I will make one as soon as I will be available. I'm going to have a week vacation starting on Friday so I hope I can make a lot.

For now, enjoy this heart-full background image. Like us on Facebook so you can download the set! I have eight variety colors on this set. Hit the like button now!

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  1. You have very nice scrapbook freebies here. So nice of you to share them. Dropped by here from BC Bloggers.

  2. @chin chin: hello thanks for the visit. hope you had a great time here... enjoy!