Friday, February 3, 2012

Clip Art: Heart and Cupcake For Valentines Day

Hey everyone! It's love month! What are your plans for Valentines? Are the boys gonna buy some flowers for your girl or maybe chocolates perhaps?

I could remember my moment when boyfriend gave me those too! I got a Teddy Bear last year and I am looking forward for another cute stuff this year. Are you all excited to get something then? A card with a heartfelt greeting is enough to make every girl smile and giggle over it all night. So I am sharing this cute heart shaped clip art which you can use as your greeting card. Just print it out and write your sweet words inside it. I added a cupcake just add some option in case you want your crush to know how much you would like her to be your valentine on that special day! Get your courage and print this out! It will surely be exciting!

This will work perfectly with your new scrapbook page for the Valentines Day too! Download the cute beetles from yesterday too!

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