Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrapbook Layout: Happy Birthday James!

I created a new scrapbook page today and this is dedicated to James, he had celebrated his 24th birthday last February 18, 2012. I bought him a cake and we went to his hometown, Oslob to celebrate it there with his family. 

The dedication texts on this scrapbook page goes like this:
to someone special
to someone i love
to my everything
to the one who has the key to my heart
to the one i see in my dreams
to the one who i think about constantly
happy birthday to you, the love of my life

He haven't seen this yet but hopefully he will like it though it is just plain simple. If you want to get this template too, all you have to do is to like our fan page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too! That's a piece of cake right?

And before I forget, I used the fonts named Cider for the title, date and Dancing Script for the rest of the dedication texts.

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