Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Jesil + Bambie

Their special day was unforgettable, the function hall became a mystic place not just for the couple but also for every one who witnessed their wedding day. I, personally loved their theme, Country Side inspired by where Jesil come from, in Bukidnon. He grew as a country boy and left it for Luzon for his calling. They call their wedding a Blessing - they never thought they could get this type of wedding with so little budget in hand. Bambi told me the mason glasses were not bought but were just giveaways from their family friends and relatives. She herself spent days and months of cleaning them, brushing with steel brush so it would look brand new. I never thought those were simply mayo bottles! How resourceful they were!

The Love story - He likes her, she ignores him. He courted her, she left for Thailand. He left for Visayas, she started liking him. He pursued her, she started praying. He proposed and she said YES!
Bambie told me their courtship went to almost six or seven years. I could not remember the specific numbers but all I know is that it was a long courtship that when they became official "them", Jesil proposed after a month. Their wedding was planned and prepared for a year, said they had waited for the right moment so their families can witness and join them on their special day. According to both of them, they planned to have it outside in the garden but since the weather was not cooperative few days before the date, they opted to stay inside. That didn't ruin the event though, in fact, I always thought it was  originally planned that way. But indeed God was in control with how they went on their wedding day, from the start of their love story and to their marriage and I know until their next generations to come.

When Jesil and Bambie met James and I in Lapulapu Cebu, we talked a lot and eat and yet it felt like we had known each other for years now. Bambi was very accommodating and friendly. Simply bubbly! I hesitated calling her Ate though she's years older than me, I think of her more of like a friend than an Ate.

Thanks for sharing your love story Jesil and Bambie. I am positive that God will be showering you with more blessings! Can't wait for your little babies!

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