Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scrapbook Layout Idea: The Kissing Cockatoo

When we were in Manila zoo last September, we came upon a small stall where friendly birds were staying. They call their part Angry Birds inspired from the famous angry bird game however, those birds were not angry though, instead they are the friendliest birds I met so far. And what so cute  about them was that they kiss!

Look at our faces in the pictures! We are definitely happy by the time the white Cockatoo kissed each of us. My mom wouldn't stop laughing too! And so I thought of making a scrapbook photo for us then with our kissing Cockatoo.

If you have been to a zoo, I bet they also have their own friendly birds there too or better a kissing Cockatoo as well! Now you might want to have a scrapbook page with you and the bird, the bird kissing you or not, you can use this template for it! Go and grab it now!

Make sure to do the steps below as well.

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