Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Polka Dot Circle O9

It's more than a week since my Manila Trip, I was thinking my scheduled posts were up to this week and was just surprised when I got to check this blog. It saddened me to see my previous post to be the eighth of the month. Anyways, I have to move on and keep up so I am now starting with this polka circle, this is by the way the last pack of my Polka circle series. I am just happy that I got to share all of them in nine series for the months of August and September!

So nonetheless, I present to you the final set! Hope you had enjoyed the whole series and keep updated with the future series which I will be sharing in the near future!

You guys really rock my artistic world! Thanks for encouraging me to make more and more scraps and digital scrap booking kits! You have a good one!
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