Thursday, November 3, 2011

Photo Template: Coffee and Friends

Friends are like rainbows, they make our stay here on earth colorful. We might have a lot of friends but there should be one or two who stands out among the rest and we call them best-friends, BFFs named it all. 

I don't have a lot of friends actually, but I would say that I have a loyal friend and I consider him as my best friend. Yes, he is a guy but he feels like he is a girl trapped inside a male body. We had been friends since grade school and though we are seas apart, I am glad our friendship is still close at heart. Just like the saying that goes like this, friends are like the wind, you don't see them but you can feel their presence.

I am sharing these stuffs because what I have created as a page for my photo template series is my bff's latest photos with me of course. He had been busy working and studying as well. I may say he is a super gay because he works very hard yet been able to balance his full time job with his studies. So, if you notice, he is wearing a Dunkin Donut male uniform. He is based in Tagbilaran City and works at Dunkin Donut. Each time that I get to go home, I would surely visit this place and I can definitely see him.

The paragraph goes:
Those who take the time to really listen to our thoughts and feelings, and then help us work through difficult times and situations, share our lives at a much deeper level, are individuals worth hanging on to.
The fonts I used here are new ones which I recently downloaded from a site I can't recall anymore. So for the story line, I used Honey Script then green piloww for the word donuts, Denne Freakshow for friends and Dancing Script OT for the date. 

Click the download button below to download the zip file which contains the psd file and the jpg one as well. You can just hide my photo and change it to yours. And of course, don't forget to click like! Thanks!!! Hugs and kisses...

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