Monday, November 28, 2011

BG: Snow Flakes

It's 27 days before Christmas, time has really passed pretty quick, faster than you'll ever think of. I can still recall when I was in our office last year, watching the fireworks on Christmas eve from the glass windows (yes, we light up firecrackers on Christmas eve here in the Philippines). Fortunately, I won't be missing my family on Christmas eve this year because I am definitely going home! I am quite excited for that and because I am happy thinking about the Holiday season, I have started creating my Christmas digital scrapbook elements because I sure will be making a lot of scrapbook pages for the photos I will be taking once I reach home.

And to begin, I have created Snow Flakes Background images through the use of Adobe Photoshop CS5. There are seven color variations, from a light blue to a darker one, green, blue green, pink, yellow and purple. Hope you like it! I 

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Enjoy guys!

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