Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BG: Postal Stamps

Let me share to you one thing about me, way back during my teenage life, I had been addicted to collecting postal stamps. I had some friends from the other end of the globe and I would ask her to send me variety of those. I do also have a lot of domestic pen pals whom I had been sharing how my life is going on and this and that. It was costly since I need to send each of them letters from time to time which in return they would actually reply as well. 

Unfortunately, I was overwhelmed with my college life that I had stopped sending them letters as soon as I had stepped in Cebu. Anyway, I still have those stamps and their letters at home in Bohol. I do treasure those stuffs which bring me joy every time I would go back and read each of time.
The background image for today is inspired by  those postal stamps I had collected and so here it goes. I have four images here inside the zip file. Feel free to use them. If you had followed this blog, you should have seen the Coffee and Friends Photo Template I had posted a couple of days ago. Notice that I made use of the maroon colored postal stamps. 

Hope you'll enjoy! Please click on the like button and then click download here!

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