Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo Template: True Love

True love indeed. This scrap page slash photo template is dedicated to my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Beltran. They had been in love for more than decades, in sickness or in health they had stayed by each others' side. 

Photo was taken when I went home few months ago. I took some photos of them so our relatives and friends can see them online thru facebook. Funny when we Tatay Ano to put his arms to Nany Ceding's shoulder to show his sweetness. Both of them were smiling the entire time!

Indeed true love will never die if each partner had given every effort, trust and above all, love. Here's my grandparents. My dad's mom and dad staying true to the vow they made in front of God and their witnesses. Forever true, and only can parted by death.

This is a free template, free scrap page you can download yourself. The font used for the photo label is Miss Le Gatees. Please don't forget to click like!

We are blessed to still have them on earth in spite of their ages. How about you guys? How are your grandparents?

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