Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scrapbook Idea: Photo Collage

Looking at a lot of photos we took when we were in Naga gave me an idea of creating a scrapbook page composed of all photos, I mean mostly photos. So I started selecting the photos one by one and arranging them in random order until I come up with this layout. Funny how I was able to add those neon colors afterwards. This is just a random idea which I never regret attempting to realize in Photoshop.

I like its simplicity because it gives more importance to the photos and when we talk about photos, we mean memories. Today is our 39th month and that's why I am inspired to create this today. We don't have a photo together today though but hopefully we can spend some time together on weekends despite the hectic and busy schedules.

If this idea had captured your attention and if you would love to have a photo collage or a scrapbook page like this, I won't mind you copying it. This is a piece of cake, just follow how I place the photos and then make rectangle boxes on the spaces between the photos. I assure you it would look awesome afterwards. 
But if you aren't confident enough to make up one from scratch, worry no more because you can download the template down below. Make sure to like us first in Facebook, click the like button please!

By the way, the watermark is just pasted on the photo which you can actually over write right away, so just ignore it!

Have fun!

More Naga photos here and Naga flowers click here.

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