Sunday, November 6, 2011

BG: Starry Night

Welcome back the bg series! I guess I had ran out of photos to use in my photo templates so I thought I'd better bring back the old style. So just expect that in the days to come, I will be posting more of my bg cravings. I miss creating background images. As a start of this series, I had created a starry image. Actually, I thought I had created one already, I just can't recall if those were composed of big or tiny stars but this one is for sure, the images for today are new ones I created just a few days ago, I guess I need to do some back tracking. 

Anyways, I am just glad about this. I will be starting to create new clip arts as well. I need more encouragement and inspiration though but I know I can find that in some corners. Teehee..

So how was it that I brought this one back, hope you too has found this one real interesting. You can use it in your scrapbook pages or use it as a photo border. Anything will do. I am giving this for free. You have all the freedom to use it in any purpose. I am glad to be able to share this art, if that's how others call it.

Be safe everyone and enjoy! By the way, I had a new stuff toy I just bought today for just Php 280 from a newly opened store in the city. I love it, guess what it is? It's actually a blue whale. It's very light and comfy and fluffy I'm definitely loving it. I had this urge to give it to my niece for Christmas, but I need to think about it again. Do you think it's better for me to give it to my niece or not? Comment out....

Thanks for visiting again! Download the set by clicking the button below!!!

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  1. I love scrapbooking and I will definitely check your site from time to time and use some of your kit..

    BTW, I’m visiting the links in my BC Bloggers Page.

    You can find your link here:


  2. @yannie: thanks for the visit! I will be visiting those sites from BC Bloggers soon too!