Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Template: Coffee Time at Cafe Noriter

It's a beautiful day today, I was watching another Korean series entitled "Lady Castle". While waiting for one of the Youtube videos to buffer, I found myself creating new scrap pages again. I have no new photos so I just digged into my old ones and found those ones above.

 Those were taken when we were in Dumaguete last August. It was for our 3rd anniversary celebration. Before going back to the city, we stepped by a coffee shop named Cafe Noriter. The photo template shares what Cafe Noriter is about.
Noriter is a Korean term which means playground. First branch was established in Dumaguete. Silimanian's favorite hanging place, it has pc units which one can lend and get access to the internet. Playful Korean ambiance.

If you go to this place, you'll get yourself busy taking photographs with it's decorations. Certainly, a good place for students. Aside from one can bring his/her own laptop for internet access, there are pc units which can be lent for an amount. There's an internet cafe in the second floor. The main photo there is my favorite. Check the background part, this is just a sample of how the place looks like. I felt I want to have one on my room.

Click the download button below to download the zip file which contains the psd file and the jpg one as well. You can just hide my photo and change it to yours. By the way, the fonts used here are Swenson Regular for the info about noriter and Impact Label for the Title and the labels.

Enjoy guys!!!

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