Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo Template: Aiesha Pose

I went on a week vacation at home in Bohol last week and the only thing I did there was play with my niece, Aiesha. She has been very sweet and energetic. She sings and dances with me and all I did was laugh and be amazed with her skills.

Aside from that, I also enjoyed taking photographs of her whenever there is a chance. The photo above was one of those days when all we did was play and take photos. Thanks to digital photography.
The line states:
It was a normal day, no plan to go to the beach but surprisingly, she get her swimsuit and wear it, she was funny when she started posing like a model with her costume. I grabbed my camera and started taking her photos. She felt like a pro! I was very proud of her!
The fonts used for Aiesha's name is The Only Exception and for the statement, Underwood1913. Click on the photo template to download the zip file. Enjoy!

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