Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Template: Father and Daughter Bonding

I was scanning through my disk's photos because I was planning of deleting some of them to free up some memory space however, when I bumped into these photos where my Manoy (older brother) Steven, Baby Aiesha's dad was carrying Aiesha. Those were taken last April during our Family Reunion at Anda Global Beach and all of a sudden, I was inspired to create a new photo template.
So here it goes... Hope you like it and if you want to grab it, it's all for free. You just need an Adobe Photoshop to use this.

Just simply click on the download button below! And before you do that, make sure to click on the like button also.
When daddy and baby are together, what they do is play, play and play.
Daddy's love and care is heaven's gift for baby Aiesha and her mommy.

Fonts used here if you are just curious are the following:

Dancing Script - For the father and daughter headline
Veteran Typewriter - For the question bubble, what they do when together?
The Only Exception - This is used for the note story.
Griffin - For the word BONDING.

Enjoy everyone! Halloween is fast approaching... let's see if I could create my Halloween scrap page also... Wishful thinkin'.

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