Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo Template: Polaroids

If you had downloaded the previous post about my niece, Aiesha's scrap page, then you will certainly be pretty downloading this one too. Obviously, these photos inside the scrap page are taken the same date with that of the previous scrap page.

Aiesha had given our family such great joy that no one can actually replace. So since she is still an innocent baby, I want to make sure her growth is documented through the scrap pages that I had created so that when she grows up, she will be able to see these scrap pages, hopefully at that time, I am still maintaining this blog.

So much about the drama, let's talk about this photo template. So, we were actually having our own mini photo shoot with all these photos. I edited these photos using Adobe Photoshop and that the page was inspired by the blue denim texture which I then used as the background for the page. As usual, I added the stitch brush which is one of my favorites among the world of brushes, teehee. 

The fonts used here are Typewriter from hell for the title "What She Did Last Summer" and The Only Exception for the Polaroid labels.
This is open for grabs! Go ahead and click on the like button or share button below and download the template! (This is a new button actually!) While you were able to download the template by clicking on the photo before, I changed it thinking this one is a better way of knowing if you have downloaded one. So go ahead now! 

Click like first before downloading the photo template!

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