Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo Template: Bubble Play

Hello guys! It's been awhile since my last post and I had missed scrapbooking! I had been busy and I went home last week as well. For today, I am sharing this new scrap page I just instantly made today from the photos I took when I went home. 

So before I went home, I tried my best to buy and bring along with me some toys for my niece. I decided to buy a Spongebob bubble maker. And she had enjoyed playing with the bubbles we made for her. She tried to make bubbles herself too but unfortunately, she wasn't good at it yet. She will soon learn how to do it I bet but for now, she needs our help.

The story line states:
I brought home withe me a spongebob bubble makes last week, baby Aiesha played with me and had really enjoyed it. The photos show how she tried catching those big bubbles in the air. In the main photo, we captured her smile during the entire time.

Fonts used for this photo template are Miss Le Gatees for her name, Aiesha then I also used Veteran Typewriter for the story line and Vegetable for the word bubble play.

The file inside the zip folder is a photoshop file, by the way, I had a problem with my laptop right now so I am using my brother's and he only has Photoshop CS5 so, check if there will be compatibility problems. The photos are again saved on a folder so you can just exchange it with your own. 

Enjoy! Click on the button to download the files and don't ever forget to like our facebook page!

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