Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Template: Camera Addict

I won't deny the truth that I am a camera addict. Yeah I know that addiction is a negative term but can you blame me? I love to take photos though I love taking photos other people than my own portrait. This photo template shows my vain side and how I pose in front of the camera. Pretty odd. LMAO.

So, what do we have here? In this photo template, same as usual, you can do all you can, take away the photos, that's fine. You can change the texts in there. BTW, the text says:

An enthusiastic devotee of a specific thing or activity from wikipedia, that is for the term cam-addict and a person dedicate of taking photo of herself, that's my own. Lols.

Anyway, the fonts used here are Budmo Jiggler for the text description of the title and for the title is Aida Scrap Rounded.

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