Monday, September 5, 2011

Photo Template: How to Open the Puzzle House

The paragraph on the right side states:
"One time I went home, I brought a puzzle house with me. Baby Aiesha curiously started placing those shape blocks inside but after doing so, se can't anymore take them out. She started figuring out how to open the puzzle house. The photos show how she tried all she can to open the toy. It took time but time doesn't matter because that day, she was victorious!"
Our baby Aiesha is very bright, she knows how to count from one to five, she also knows where the moon is, at an early age when she can't walk yet, she already knows how to say mommy and daddy. She whistles and blows the horn pretty well. She loves the Colgate commercial where children brings with them their brushes and starts singing "brush, brush, brush three times a day", we plays it in Youtube and right there and then, her attention is all set to the monitor. She dances with them too! Now, when I went home last August, I brought with me that puzzle house and let her play with it. It was a surprise when she figured out how to open the lock using the toy key with it. She was very happy when she opened it then she started over, she locked it up and open it again, it was her happy moment! She giggles each time she opens the house up. Pretty brilliant child!

Save this photoshop file for your daughters or soon to be babies, the font used are, FFF Tusj for the title and date and Julies for the Text paragraph.

Enjoy your fresh photo template!

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  2. @jasmine: it's nice to know that someone had appreciated it. Thanks!