Saturday, September 10, 2011

Photo Template: Aiesha Hearts Icecream

My niece Aiesha Zaila Beltran is an icecream lover. She has been introduced to this cold, sweet and yummy thing since she was nine months old and from there, she has been addicted. Yeah I know addiction is not a good thing which is why we would only let her eat icecream whenever there's a special event. Like this one in the photos, this was during my mom's 51st birthday celebration. I personally bought the icecream for her and as soon as she saw the plastic bag containing the gallon, her energy spiked to the highest level. Hehe...

The three photos there on the left side are the snapshots while she was eating the thing. Look how she adores it, we would often tease her and take the icecream away from her and then she cries to death. Lols.

This made me create this photo template. You might have a baby brother, sister, niece or nephew who is also an icecream lover, you will surely love this template. Grab it now!

In the photoshop file, make sure to hide the photos and place your own in there. The fonts used here are FFF Tusj for the words aiesha and the date and Learning Curve dashed for the word icecream.


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